photo 1-5Not enough is definitely what we are NOT hearing this year for grape quantities. Not only is harvest crazy there is a ton of fruit. No pun intended. The fruit is not only abundant but the quality is high. For the grower, what a year.

Finally back to back. The problem now is all the winemakers are whining. Too much fruit. Always something. Is anybody ever happy? This is the disconnect from grower to producer. The growers need a break. Let the abundant fruit flow, if the grower doesn’t keep having great harvests there may not be any one day.

Bob and weave, make it happen. Go big or go home.

Us farmers are out here busting ass all year long. Take it. I have seen a lot of fruit get culled this year. Two season ago I saw fruit being harvested that was, well let’s say terrible.  And winemakers were happy with it.  C’mon guys, all I’m asking is look at the whole picture here.

One day I want a facility for making wine and possibly my own label one day. That is a big maybe.