KickRanchTonyThank god that is the case. I get to start over. I am feeling good again. Had to have a deep conversation this morning with the powers to be.

Wow. I felt like my skin was going to spontaneously combust yesterday. Ok. Move on now.

Today we are picking Grenache and Syrah from the famous Kick Ranch. For Sanglier, Stark and Behrens.

Some awesome wineries there. Two of them in the Healdsburg downtown area. The Syrah will be going to Behrens winery.

So right when we thought the grape quantities were more than expected the picks this morning are right on target.

Such a brain bender day yesterday I got a bit sideways on the trucking. But you know what. It all has worked out.

After these picks I have to go finalize the budget numbers for adding compost, cover crop, chisel plowing, discing and fertigation to all my vineyards. So as we finish the harvest at each one we are ready to roll for the tasks listed before. Then the vines can go to bed for the winter.