starks1Looking forward to a couple of days of rest. In farming there is no such word as T. G. I. F. What the heck does that mean. Not sure.

Well, knock on wood it really is Friday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Getting ready to go eat at Starks Steakhouse with my fellow vineyard buddy, Scott Z. Awesome place for meet and meat.

Tomorrow I’m going goose shooting in the am. One of my favorite fowls to eat. Breasted and BBQ. Sliced and served with Grey Poupon County Style Mustard and Jalapeño slices. So darn good. Then off to the City with my lovely bride to have Ramen. Again. I am really sick in the head for ramen. Izakai. Sozai. Absolutely. Incredible.

Monday back at it strong. We will we will see. Rain is in the forecast again.