dogsphoto 1-1Please don’t forget. The early bird always catches the worm.

What a beautiful morning. My favorite part of the day.

Well, we started to pick Syrah. When that happens to me things are winding down. But this year I see no daylight yet. Now there is a chance of rain forecasted for Friday and Saturday. This could get really interesting.

Not much else today. As far as the vineyard world, Monday is when everybody turns in their time cards and pick sheets so its a very busy day internally.

dogsphoto 3-1I just got home and set the coffee pot for making some hot chocolate for my lead supervisor Eugenio. We are starting to pick Pinot Noir from my Yellow Rock Vineyard. The time we have all been waiting for. What will the tonnage be? We’re hoping our calcs are right.

My two boxers are starring at me. Time to go get some rest.