Tony9-15photoI really want this to be the case. But work is always in the brain. I shouldn’t call farming work. It’s a lifestyle. It’s 5 am and I always tell myself Saturday. Tomorrow I’m gonna just sleep. It hasn’t happened yet in 50 years. Well I’m only 42. Let’s say along time.

As I write this I am wondering have I forgot anything? Have I got back to everyone from the day before? What do I need for the week ahead? All the good stuff that I use Sunday for. It gives me some time to somewhat regroup.

Never thought I would write a blog every damn day, but it’s been a positive part of my daily routine. I apologize ahead of time for any punctuation problems. It wasn’t my strength in school.

I had a teacher in 12th grade at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School, Mr. Garcia. R. I. P. He used to give out this weekly test. The COMMA test. On the chalkboard it said comma test any day. The kicker was it was the same test over and over. But he never let anyone take it. So I think I may have gotten a B or something on the first one then after that it got worse. Every time I would see these same sentences and I would see commas to be put in different areas. He used to hand me my test and being Italian he would say tante effe. A lot of f’s. Anyway I hated thus test.

Too bad we didn’t have smart phones then. I would give anything to have a copy of one of those tests. Just to see.

Well everybody have a great Sunday!