VitCNo not yet. In fact I do not want to be at all. Well I am sure most of us do not like to be sick. Well maybe there are some that like being sick. I hate it and I am sure when I get sick no bone likes it. I become a baby. Anyway. I think it time to start taking my supplements. Zinc for sure. Vitamin C. Need rest for sure. I am always good for a sickness right around October or November. Let’s be positive and have good thoughts and stay well.

Where is my eight hours of sleep. The thing I have to be aware of is that I word so hard that when I slow down is when it happens.

I have a love hate relationship with winter.

I think its crazy that the government shut down. But then again maybe it’s time to look at what we really need for jobs. This I am sure is a touchy subject. I won’t go too deep today. But one question I have is when the harvest is over what happens to the migrant worker. The people that are the backbone to this country. What about their families? Not many think of that. The only guarantees we have in life are death and taxes. And taxes are a rough one for me. Government run agencies both local and federal all need an overhaul. Instead of figuring out how to better the problems and just raise taxes. I wish I could do this in private enterprise. Oh I can’t manage and work harder. I’ll hysterically raise my rates and hire more people.

Have a great day.