Tony9-29photoHere we go again. I’m loving it. What is tomorrow going to bring? Everyday I work on staying present but when we are in a management roll sometimes it’s hard to do that. We are always having to be thinking of the next step. Hopefully making the right move or not.

Not sure what this will do. Slow things? Possibly. Chances are it could bring everything in this week. The most exciting part of our job is sometimes there are no answers.

We are stewards of the land. Get up. And do the best we can.

Going to the Santa Rosa mile today and watch some circle track racing. So much fun.

My best friend Randy B. will be there from Reno. He races in this type of racing. Going with my Brother. The world famous chef and owner of Diavola Pizzeria and Salumaeria. I am about to eat some house made prosciutto that he has been letting hang for two years. A family tradition. Great job. Wow. My brother sure is talented.

Tony at the races in Santa Rosa.