pruningPruning has started, what does this mean, well it means that the ball has started to roll and we will be very busy till harvest. The biggest question right now however is there is no water. We are taking certain steps on ranches without wells to leave less fruiting positions, in case we don’t get the water we need we can hopefully maintain the vine until harvest. It will be a very interesting year. This is the second year in a row of a possible drought, please get out there and start doing the rain dance.I will start writing my blog again, it is time. I have had my son with me for the last ten days and it has been so awesome, they rare growing so quick. My beautiful daughter made it to Varsity basketball as a Sophomore. It is hard for her to be here with practice and games in Reno during the Winter break, the next couple of months I will stay in Reno so we can have some time together.