Familiaphoto 2-9Thank god I have an amazing family and they all deserve a Medal of Honor for putting up with me. Things get a little testy around these parts during the good old harvest. Behind every good farmer is a great family.

Let’s start with the two responsible for making me. A mom and dad that are beyond words. They are there for you no matter what. They have taught me how to work hard. So hard, it’s hard not to work. It’s even hard for me to take a vacation. I am so wound up when I do go away it takes half of the time away to just relax. I do work on this. But when you are taught to give a shit and give all you got, that’s what I do. I’m definitely not a clock watcher. If there is something to get done. I getter done. Big thanks to my mom and dad.

Them my harvest widow. I do love her. Finally in my life someone that understands me. Prolly because we have a lot in common. She is a trooper. We have known each other since high school. Sent her a message on Facebook awhile back, hey you should come and visit. Well she came and never left. Moved from Las Vegas, yup a city that tries to be a cornucopia of many places across the world. Kind of like a jack of all, and a master of none. Anyway. To the big town of geyserville. One stop sign. Wow.

Familiaphoto 1-9Then my two beautiful children. Wow. I still can not believe my daughter Morgan. She is six foot plus. Just a super woman. I see her and I am at a loss for words. She cracks me up. Such a positive and smart girl. Little, yes she will always be my little girl. And yes Morgan you are taller than me. This girl has transformed into a  wonder daughter. A message to the boys. Remember, I am her dad.

Then I have my buddy, Mateo Anthony Bugica. When they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, this is the case. He is so me. So much me that it is crazy. Hard headed. Knows everything. Definite charmer. Look out ladies. Mateo is twelve now. In a few years put your seat belt on. This boy will be on the loose. Smart too. Very Hands on. Anyway. I love my family with all of my heart and keep hanging in there. Appreciate your patience.