Tony9-25photo 2-9Yes sir! Life gets a bit congested when the majority of what I see is with a headlamp. It’s like get ready set, oh, get the headlamp. It’s all fun and games till the headlamp is as important as food and water. Feel like a coal miner in the grape fields.

Living in the night it is pretty peaceful. As we get a good month into harvest the body starts rejecting most normal things of life. Eating, sleeping, the ability to not want to mame stupid people.

Yup. There are quite a few out there. Yesterday I was at Starbucks trying to have a peaceful cup of coffee with my wife and something was presenting me with one dumb person after another. I had a hard time not saying anything. I didn’t.

Did some people’s moms or dads teach them boundaries or common courtesy? Like “Hi friend. Nice to see you.”

No just plop your ass down where I’m sitting with out acknowledging if it’s ok. Are you busy. Am I interrupting something? No. Well let’s say my patience and the ability for stupidity is not so good.

I fact if I had it my way. I would live on an island and it would be fend for yourself. The most important part of the island is there would be no stop signs. And I’m sure the the stupid ones would not survive long.

And yes there would be guns. Sorry to all the liberals out there. But yes, that would prolly mean you wouldn’t make it long either.


Back to the headlamps. I am getting very ready to hang mine up for the year. But with the cool weather it has surely extended the growing season a bit. Probably three more weeks.

Tonight we are harvesting about sixty ton of grapes. That will be picked by twenty seven men and ladies. I am so proud to be a part of the strength these people have. Awesome. Gives me goosebumps.

If I offend anyone with this blog. I will apologize now. It’s just how I feel.

Go headlamp. If you buy one consult with me first. I can tell you one thing. Buy it through R. E. I. Great company.