Tony10-23photo 1-9Today we are out wrapping up the second to the last harvest. We are harvesting some amazing Sauvignon Blanc from our Fallen Leaf Vineyard.

The feeling I have at this vineyard is pretty amazing. It’s one of those that has a really special feeling. We are at the top of Sonoma mountain.

Wonderful spot. The flavors are absolutely stunning. Thus fruit is going to Paradise Ridge Winery. It will be outstanding. For any of you that have not been to this winery you should. Right out of Santa Rosa. The art up there is incredible. Huge interactive pieces.

Today is also interesting when the film crew shows up and it’s a brother of a friend I grew up with in Reno.

Also picking late harvest is rather tricky. You train the guys all year to not pick what we are picking today. They look at me like really. We are going to pick that. A little confusing. But within a matter of minutes we are off and running.

Finishing up harvest is like you let a hundred kids out to play and now it’s nap time and it’s time p put all the vines to bed. That’s the feeling. No grapes left on the vine. We harvested around 1500 tons this year.