Tony10-9photo 1-9Harvest is back in action. The schedule is getting busy again. Tomorrow. A small ten ton pick of Syrah in Bennett valley then tomorrow night a fifty ton Cabernet pick on Pine Mountain.

Helping a buddy out. Then we will almost finish Kick Ranch. It’s time. I am excited. I am leaving to get met kids Thursday. But in the morning of Thursday. I am picking some mountain Cabernet. At Berler vineyard. Then Hobbs. Nathan Coombs. Napa. Very exciting. Then we are off to see Pink in Oakland. Then drive to Reno.

Tony10-9photo 3-9I am sitting here and I turned the television on. That is not normal. First off I don’t really watch tv. I use tv. To fall asleep every now and then. Had some amazing Mojarra Fritta. Whole fried Tilapia. At Chileno’s in Santa Rosa on 4th. And College. So good. Are with some of the boys. Then proceeded to have a crazy day. Now enjoying some Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

Life is good. Kind of worried about slowing down. I don’t like slowing down. Tomorrow I finish Kick Ranch. What to do. What to do. Well now it’s time to start cleaning up. Improving where improvement is needed. Finishing un finished projects.