Familiaphoto 1-9What a Harvey it’s been. Sorry about no writing yesterday. The day just got by me. It was the famous I’ll do it in a second. Wait after lunch. Wait after dinner. I don’t even think I had lunch. Well, the direction I am going with this is its time to start taking care of myself. I am making a promise to myself that by harvest next year I need to be forty plus pounds lighter and when I go into harvest I will be at prime fighting weight.

No more excuses. I did say I will start my workout regime after harvest. Right? That will include hiking. Backpacking. Road biking.  And any other workouts I can do outside while I can. Before I have to sentence myself to the gym. Yoga is definitely on the top of my list. When I was in my three times a week yoga regime I was feeling good.

I know that when I am lighter how much better I  feel. Ready. Set. Go.

Today I have to meet some clients to go over budgets for 2014. Yup, it’s that time again. My absolute favorite. Yes it is. We are dialing in our ranches so tight and have so much information it really excites me. The most exciting part is it’s with Scott Z. Of Hobbs and we are meeting at Diavola. Holy moly.

TR4Looking forward to this weekend. Doing a photo booth project with my wife for Locals of Geyserville pig roast on Saturday night and then another little possible Tony sighting at Erin’s house a sparkling party if I am not too tired.

Sunday nothing. Well a little get together at Diavola. That’s all.