Tony9-30photo 2-9Well nothing changed. We picked some amazing fruit. Started at 7 am and finished at 11 am. 42 bins. Nice! Even got to sneak down to the pond and see if I could grab another goose or two. No luck. They flew on me to early. Picked petite Syrah for Overland, check them out at Also petite Syrah to Behrens Family and some Syrah to Venge. Kurt Venge is a very stand up gentleman. Wines are beyond belief.

Tonight, getting ready for another forty ton night. Bring it on!

Tony9-30photo 1-9But the best part if the day is I am eating as I write this at The Fremont Diner in Sonoma. Wow. I think probably the best Po’Boy around. Eight inch sandwich and filled with Drakes Bay Oysters. I mean filled. The chicken and waffles also number one on my list. If you haven’t been out here worth the drive, every dam mile.


Well then. Time to reflect on how in my this life I am very blessed. My kids come to me next week for a week. This I am very much looking forward too.

Over and out good buddies.