Geyserville, CA

Geyserville, CA

With a population of ~2,100 people and located in the beautiful wine country, Geyserville is quite the treasure! Also known as the “wine capital of Sonoma County”, Geyserville offers great quality food, exquisite wines, and of course, friendly locals! On Geyserville Avenue, you will find everything you need from lodging, tasting rooms, to family-owned restaurants. For more information see below! If you want a nice getaway, relaxing, and stress-free weekend, make sure to visit the beautiful Geyserville, CA.


Recommended Restaurants

Diavola Pizzeria & Salumeria


If you are craving a delicious pizza made in a classic wood-burning oven or some nice house cured sausage and salami, Diavola’s is a must! Dino’s philosophy follows the Cucina Povera tradition, in which he tries to use as many local ingredients as available!





Catellis is yet another great family-owned restaurant! Catellis recently re-opened from what was previously known as “The Rex”. The sister and brother dynamic duo, now run Catelli’s, whom continue to provide 3 generations of Catelli-family Italian recipes. In addition, they recently opened an extraordinary back patio, just in time for those long relaxing summer nights!




Geyserville Inn


Owned by two generations of Christensen family, this small country inn provides great quality service and is conveniently located down the street from our very own Locals Tasting Room!

Geyserville Inn is also reopening what was previously called, the Hoffman House. The new name has not yet been released, so stay tuned! It will be opening in these next few weeks! The new restaurant will be offering wine country cuisine, and will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Isis Oasis

IsisAs described from Isis Oasis website,  “The Magical Oasis Retreat Center is nestled in the Heart of the Alexander Valley Wine Country where you can relax in our pool spa, tour exotic animals, lodge in uniquely constructed rooms, learn about ancient Egyptian traditions, and unwind from City living. A perfect location for weddings, reunions, parties, team building and organizational retreats”.

Isis Oasis is quite the sanctuary and has been opened since 1978!

Bosworth and Son General Merchandise

Bosworthmed_128025435982.3_DSC00275Bosworth’s has now been opened for over 100 years! An old fashioned store with authenticity, Bosworth continues the tradition of selling western attire from hats, boots, to animal feed, and hardware. If you want to take a step back in time, make sure to stop by and see them!



Also located on the Geyserville Avenue strip…

Tasting Rooms

Locals Tasting RoomTR4



meeker1Meeker Tasting Room






Ramazzotti Tasting Room




Mercury Tasting Room






Route 128 winery

Geyserville is quite the charm! Like the saying goes, “Great things come in small packages”. With many more great wineries in the surrounding areas and beautiful scenery, we shall see you soon!


pruningPruning has started, what does this mean, well it means that the ball has started to roll and we will be very busy till harvest. The biggest question right now however is there is no water. We are taking certain steps on ranches without wells to leave less fruiting positions, in case we don’t get the water we need we can hopefully maintain the vine until harvest. It will be a very interesting year. This is the second year in a row of a possible drought, please get out there and start doing the rain dance.I will start writing my blog again, it is time. I have had my son with me for the last ten days and it has been so awesome, they rare growing so quick. My beautiful daughter made it to Varsity basketball as a Sophomore. It is hard for her to be here with practice and games in Reno during the Winter break, the next couple of months I will stay in Reno so we can have some time together.


Geyserville gets ready for the holidays

TractorParadeIt’s happening…… the leaves are falling, nights are getting longer and the nip in the air is getting… well…., nippier!

Thoughts are turning to comfort food, big red wines and catching up with good friends and family and Geyserville has you covered on all accounts. How is it that this one street town manages to have awesome restaurants, unique tasting rooms, great coffee and the most eclectic bunch of shops this side of S.F.? It’s the people, that make it happen, that’s how. Community fosters and supports it all and no time is this more obvious than the holidays.

I love where I live, I love sharing it with friends and family, showing of mountains with geyser puffs for hats, vineyards that tell the seasons and the community spirit obvious to anyone who spends any time in the main street. When you come to Geyserville it is amazing how much time you can spend in a town with one main street, so come make a day of it.

Start your day with a clean palate and visit any one of the five tasting rooms start at Locals and visit 9 wineries in one spot or get the individual experience at Mercury, Ramazotti, 128 or Meeker tasting rooms. After you have taken on a rosy glow, slip to either top notch restaurant, Catelli’s or Diavola (yes that two awesome restaurants in one main street!) they both can provide a light or substantial meal and are open lunch and dinner.

There are plenty of other attractions to round out your day whether it is shopping for antiques, browsing in the Pop Up Shop next to Locals, or what could be one of the oldest and most interesting hardware stores Bosworth & Sons or checking out the fabulous Art at the southern end of Geyserville avenue,sipping on an afterenoon coffee from Mud Café. Finish your day by taking a walk down to the river and sharing that lovely bottle of wine as you watch Geyser Mountain change color with the sunset.

A day in Geyserville is not to be missed

Late Harvest

Tony10-23photo 1-9Today we are out wrapping up the second to the last harvest. We are harvesting some amazing Sauvignon Blanc from our Fallen Leaf Vineyard.

The feeling I have at this vineyard is pretty amazing. It’s one of those that has a really special feeling. We are at the top of Sonoma mountain.

Wonderful spot. The flavors are absolutely stunning. Thus fruit is going to Paradise Ridge Winery. It will be outstanding. For any of you that have not been to this winery you should. Right out of Santa Rosa. The art up there is incredible. Huge interactive pieces.

Today is also interesting when the film crew shows up and it’s a brother of a friend I grew up with in Reno.

Also picking late harvest is rather tricky. You train the guys all year to not pick what we are picking today. They look at me like really. We are going to pick that. A little confusing. But within a matter of minutes we are off and running.

Finishing up harvest is like you let a hundred kids out to play and now it’s nap time and it’s time p put all the vines to bed. That’s the feeling. No grapes left on the vine. We harvested around 1500 tons this year.